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Can Sports Make You Smarter?Can Sports Make You Smarter?

It’s a funny question. Can we actually get smarter by playing sports? Some scientific evidence supports the theory that exercise makes us smarter, while other research suggests the constant engagement of a team sport such as soccer can make us smarter. But is it true? Let’s find out.

But before we look at the scientific evidence, let me give you some more background. The reason I started thinking about this topic is that I caught a few of my team players taking brain supplements. They swore it made them better students and allowed them to get through tougher exams. I’d never heard of it, so I was curious. but also slightly concerned about the safety of it all.

Can Sports Make You Smarter?


I did some research online and came across a website called They help you become smarter and review different brain pills. The one that caught my attention was a Lumonol review. Lumonol is compared to a real-life NZT (the brain pill from the movie Limitless). The review warned that the results won’t be the same as in the movie, but many users claim it enhances their concentration and focus. Something a student needs, and these results would definitely make you a better soccer player.

So let’s get back to exercise and the brain. Most research suggests any effects from sport would be short-term. For example, exercise can increase energy, which in turn helps you increase your ability to focus for several hours. Maybe even more importantly, I’m sure you’ve heard that exercise releases endorphins, which are also called feel-good hormones. If that’s not enough, by exercising, you’ll also receive serotonin, which also improves your mood. These two “drugs” combined will make you feel better about yourself and help you focus.

Finally, a study done on college students by the American College of Sports Medicine found that those who exercised beforehand had a better ability to recollect facts. So exercise can also improve memory. However, this could be a one-time effect. So, to reap the rewards of exercise, you would need to exercise frequently. The same would apply for weight loss; exercising once isn’t enough. You need to go out and do it on a regular basis to get any sort of real benefit.

While I’m very happy with the conclusions drawn from these studies, my main question now is whether combining exercise and brain supplements would give your brain an even bigger boost. I’m guessing it would, but I am unable to find any scientific proof to back up my theory. It’s an interesting question though, and the answer might give you an unfair advantage over the competition. I do want to close with one more point. Before taking any kind of supplement, you should talk to a doctor to make sure there won’t be any bad side effects.

Nootropic Supplements: Benefits And Side-effects

Have you seen the movie Limitless and ever wondered if there is a potent drug like NZT-48 in real life? Truth be told, no drug in the world can give you superhuman powers. But there are certain supplements that are known to boost focus and memory power. Natural nootropic energy stacks aren’t as potent as the NZT-48, but they certainly have their advantages.

The Benefits of Nootropic Pills:

Natural nootropics like Brahmi and green tea have been used for centuries by people to improve mental ability and cure illnesses. They’re now used across the world by students, surgeons, stock brokers, and other high-profile workers to improve their memory. Some nootropics have been designed to prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Some are subscribed for patients diagnosed with ADHD and ADD.

The best nootropic supplements use a combination of caffeine and L-theanine, compounds naturally found in green tea. These compounds improve focus and attention. They are also stimulatory in nature and, hence, keep the mind alert and provide clarity.

Some nootropic stacks are designed to enhance your mood and reduce anxiety. They prevent panic attacks and are often preferred by students before an exam.

What if you could work without getting tired? Software professionals are known to use natural nootropic stacks to help them work for hours together without fatigue. Different nootropic stacks offer different advantages. You will have to choose one that’s aligned with your goals.

Nootropic side effects:

Unlike prescription smart drugs like Modafinil and Adderall, natural nootropics are not addictive. They have zero or very low risk of negative side-effects. In fact, some of these side-effects occur either because of wrong dosage or wrong timing. It is important to follow the instructions when taking nootropic pills. Look for products using natural sources. Some manufacturers offer a free trial to allow you to experiment with their stack.

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