Xtra Boosters Bodybuilding Increase Testosterone Problems and solutions

Increase Testosterone Problems and solutions

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a very versatile substance. To immediately clear up a misunderstanding: it is a hormone that both men and women produce.

It provides us with:

self confidence
competitive drive
and a healthy libido.
Testosterone ensures that humanity makes progress, as it were.

Had Christopher Columbus not had it, he would not have set out to explore unknown waters. And Gustave Eiffel probably wouldn’t see the point in brightening up Paris with the greatest phallic symbol of those days. To stay a little closer to home, as soon as a cameraman makes a line-up of the eight strongest, fastest, most powerful and most competitive sprinters in the world, testosterone is about to explode.

Food technologist Ralph Moorman is a specialist in nutrition and hormones. He sees the human body as a hormone factory. Moorman: ‘The extent to which we can produce hormones is genetically determined, but the expression of these genes is influenced by lifestyle and environmental factors.

Psychosocial characteristics also play a role in this. This also applies in the animal world. This is how some fish in my tank start out neuter. The largest, strongest and most dominant specimen then changes color and becomes the male. If our social career goes without a hitch, it promotes testosterone production.

Nature lends a hand by producing the right hormones for every possible situation. In competition runners and runners who enter the starting area, the testosterone level rises significantly. Ergo: we are ready for battle. ‘

A few years ago Moorman discovered that he had a varicocele , a varicose vein in the scrotum. ‘Testosterone is produced in two places: in men in the testicles, in women in the ovaries. If those organs fail, the adrenal glands can partially take over production.

One in ten men suffers from a varicocele. This varicose vein causes an increase in the temperature in the scrotum, so that the production of testosterone can be significantly reduced and fertility is reduced.

I decided to have my varicose vein surgically ligated, because a lack of testosterone would impair my masculine qualities. After the operation I measured the testosterone level in my blood values ​​myself, which turned out to be no less than thirty percent higher than before. ‘ This means that if one of the testicles does not function optimally, this is not necessarily compensated by the other testicle and the adrenal glands.

Pros and Cons of Testosterone

A healthy testosterone level has many advantages. For example, testosterone helps to orient you better spatially. It is at least as nice that it gives you muscles and a flat stomach.

According to scientists, too high a testosterone level is associated with poor intelligence, antisocial behavior and lower education. Men with extremely high levels of testosterone can be found in prisons, fighting schools and in low social positions.

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However, the question remains: Is the high testosterone the cause or the result of the behavior?

A promotion at work to a managerial position also increases testosterone.
Testosterone levels that are too low can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. After all, the heart contains a lot of muscle tissue.
And if our testosterone levels start to drop from the age of 30, this is accompanied by the loss of muscle mass and the brittleness of our bones.

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