Xtra Boosters Weight Loss Diet Plan 15 Helpful Healthy Cooking Tips

15 Helpful Healthy Cooking Tips

Healthy Cooking Tips

Healthy eating does not have to be tasteless. In fact, the opposite is true. You can even take your favorite foods and make them healthy with a few simple adjustments. Here are some tips that you can use when cooking to make your favorite foods contain fewer calories and fat so that you can eat them all you want.

The first thing that you can address when you are trying to make your cooking healthier is the methods of cooking that you use. Instead of frying everything in grease, you can substitute non-stick pans so that you have to use less oil. Use broth, water, orange juice, lemon or wine instead of grease if you are able to. You can also use other methods of cooking such as steaming, baking, roasting and grilling.

When you are preparing your food, you can do some things that will help your food contain less fat. You can trim all the fat from it. If you have chicken or turkey, removing the skin is possible. It may dry out your food, though, so you can leave it on for cooking but take it off to serve.

As you are cooking, you can remove the fat or replace it to reduce the calories as well. Skimming off fat from sauces and soups can help greatly. If you need to thicken something, you can use something like pureed potatoes instead of cream or eggs to do it.

When you have no option other than oil, you can switch out your regular oil for something that is healthier. Olive and canola oils are much healthier than vegetable oil for example. This will reduce the saturated fats in your meat.

When you are using chocolate and nuts, reducing the amount that you use will keep the flavor but reduce the fat greatly. You don’t even have to reduce it that much. 25% will do. You can use ¾ of a cup instead of a full cup and you will get the same flavor. Toasting nuts will allow you to use less and get more flavor in them.

When you bake, you can greatly reduce your calories with a few simple tricks. Use egg whites instead of actual eggs. Simply replacing an egg with egg whites will do a lot of good. Beating egg whites will also make your baked goods much softer. Replacing frosting on cakes and cupcakes can also help. You don’t have to frost everything. Try something else, such as cinnamon and sugar or powdered sugar.

You can reduce the calories and make dishes healthier by increasing the fiber in your meals. This is simple to do. You can find foods that contain more fiber, or you can add something called wheat germ into your meals. In some items, you will never be able to taste this.

Replacing regular flour with whole wheat flour can decrease the calories that you have in your baked goods and other meals that require flour. You can use low fat cheeses when baking, though, if the recipe requires it. You may have to grate the cheese, though, in order to help it melt much more smoothly.

Cooking easier is much easier than you may think. You don’t have to change the foods that you like. Instead, you can change some of the methods and products that you use in your regular meals in order to make them healthier for you. Replacing the fat in your meals will change the calories and make much less of a difference than you may think.

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